Customization - ThemetechMount


Installation & Setup

If you don't want to spend your time installing the template, consider purchasing our expert assistance.
  • Create a new database for your site
  • Upload and install WordPress engine
  • Install and activate your template
  • Install and activate all the plugins that are needed for the template to work
  • Upload and import sample data that is provided in the theme's package
  • Test everything to be sure the template works as intended.

All-in-One Customization + SEO

Our ultimate solution to create a highly customized and personalized website ready to work and attract new customers from day one.
  • Install and configure the template with your logo, colors, and content on up to 5 pages and 5 posts in the CPT posts
  • Configure the built-in contact form with your email and add Captcha/Re-captcha to protect you from spam
  • Perform extended on-page optimization to make your site rank higher in Google and other search engines and bring more customers as a result
  • Secure your website from hackers, malware and other threats
  • Provide you with 10 Premium images of your choice from to boost your site visuals
  • Create and configure a subscription form to integrate your site with Mailchimp to gather leads so you will be able to send emails to them easily
  • 10 developer’s hours to fine-tune your website according to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Assist you with all the questions through a personal project manager
Please note:

* This is a single-use service applicable to one website only. It is a clean installation, e.g., installation from scratch. If you have an existing site on your hosting, we can remove that site or install the template into a subfolder.

* Project starts once you provide correct hosting account access details. Only in some rare cases, the installation may take up to extra 24 hours due to hosting server compatibility and tech peculiarities.

* We import the demo content that is included in your theme’s package. Be advised that some vendors may not provide all the demo images or extensions which you see in the theme’s live demo.

* We will ask you to provide your logo, texts, and high-quality images along with clear instructions for the content placement and color changes.

* To finish the project in time, all the requested info should be provided before the project starts.

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