Freqently Asked Questions

This page contains solutions for general questions

Questions List

Q1: How to update Inoterior theme?

A1: We are providing regular bug fixes, enhancements and also features to our all buyers. So we are releasing new version frequently. The theme update process is handled by the Envato Market Plugin plugin. Click here to know how to setup Envato Market Plugin. You can download the plugin by clicking here.

Q2: How to find Inoterior theme Purchase Code ?

A3: The purchase code is a code that verifies that you are a genuine buyer. Here are steps to find your purchase code:

Q3: How to set responsive menu breakpoint (from which window size the menu will become responsive) ?

A3: You can set it from Admin > Inoterior Options > Menu Settings section. Just go to this section and select window size (or set pixel) under "Responsive Menu Breakpoint" option. See screenshot below:

Q4: How to set MailChip newsletter form?

A4: We are using MailChimp for WordPress plugin to generate MailChip subscribe form in footer. So first install this plugin. Than follow steps given below:
  • First make sure you link your MailChip account with this plugin. Just go to Admin > MailChip for WP plugin settings section and link your account. You just need to copy/paste the API code from your MailChimp account to here and click "Save Changes" button. See screenshot given below:

  • Now go to Admin > MailChip for WP > Forms section and paste this code:

    <div class="mailchimp-inputbox">
     <input type="email" name="EMAIL" placeholder="Your email address.." required />
     <button type="submit" class="btn">Subscribe Now</button>

    Like this: