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What is React?
React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook. React is a tool for building UI components.

How does React work?
React creates a VIRTUAL DOM in memory.
Instead of manipulating the browser’s DOM directly, React creates a virtual DOM in memory, where it does all the necessary manipulating, before making the changes in the browser DOM.

5 Reasons Why Is React Native Most Preferred App Development Framework
1. Cross-Platform Compatibility
-> It can be used to develop both Android and iOS apps through one codebase.  It is convenient to embed native codes when the developer has to integrate platform-specific authenticity into your application.

2. UI and Performance
-> Widely used methods for writing hybrid mobile applications are combinations of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The applications will maintain high performance without sacrificing capability as React works independently from the UI.

3. Live Update & Codepush
->  The users won’t have to go through the entire app store update cycle again and again to update your app. You can easily integrate Microsoft’s live update service CodePush SDK to your React Native app.

4. Scope To Use Native Code
-> React Native efficiently merges native components inscribed in Objective-C, Java, or Swift. Developing customized native components and binding them together for each supported platform in a React Component gives a performance boost.

5. Hot Reloading
-> React Native boosts productivity and reduces overall development time with the introduction of Hot Reload. It enables a developer to keep the app running while implementing new versions and tweaking the UI. 

5 basic insights as to why React Native has been so successful.

  1. A framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platform.
  2. Uses a bridge to translate all JavaScript code to the target device’s native language (Java on Android and Objective-C on iOS).
  3. Uses the same standard UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps.
  4. Enables fast and efficient mobility solutions with unified development teams for both web and mobile apps.
  5. Used to build popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Walmart, Tesla, and many more.

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